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Have you decided on studying abroad? You’ve made the right choice. An education abroad can change your life and transform your career for the better. At this early stage, you are bound to be confused about your study options abroad. You know your next big step is to find the right course and University in which to study. But you are not sure about your choices. We know how difficult decision this is; which is why we’ve combined our technological and human resources to help you make the right choice.


Feeling a surge of excitement as you view your very first online college application to pursue higher studies abroad? Quite a huge moment, we know, and there really is no reason for you to fear the application process usually it is quite a straight-forward. Currently, most universities have their complete application processes online to make things quick and easy for international students. The actual application process will require you to register on the University’s website and complete a step-wise application process.


A ‘Statement of Purpose’or’SOP’ is an integral part of admissions process.Universities require students to submit a SOP along with their completed admission form. The SOP should explain in a crisp and clear manner ‘Why you are choosing the course that you want to study and what you plan to do on completing the course.’ A good SOP with a good academic score is a winning combination. The SOP gives you an opportunity to convince the Team that is examining application forms on why you should be granted admission.


Once you’ve figured out how to fund your studies, the next thing in your way is the passport and visa office. You are probably wondering whether you can get that visa before your course commences. You are also hoping there are no delays to getting your passport. These concerns are bound to trouble you. But don’t worry; our comprehensive guide to getting a visa and passport should clear all your doubts. We’ll tell you how to apply for a passport and visa. Just follow our checklist to know what documents you will need for submission to the passport and visa office. Use our online material to gather all the information you need to apply for a passport and visa.


You are now ready to go abroad and commence your studies. You have already looked into your accommodation options. The next step is to figure out what to pack. Packing is all about deciding on the essentials. The ideal way to move is to travel light. We can help you decide on what to pack and what not to. Read all our tips on how to pack; so you know just what to shop for.Once you’ve figured out what to pack, you can look into the specifics of opening a bank account abroad. It is recommended that you open a local bank account as soon as you land there. There are plenty of advantages to having a local bank account and we will help you pick the right one.The other big question on your mind is concerning job prospects post graduation…


Being a parent, it is only natural for you to take a lot of interest in your child’s education. You are likely to have a lot of questions related to overseas education. Tough decisions about when, where and what to study are usually made by the students, but as a parent, you must surely want to be involved in the decision-making process. We believe by being well informed, you can play a wonderful supporting role as a parent and mentor for your child, as they begin their long study abroad journey with us. You want what is best for your child. We echo that sentiment. We know just how important it is to get big, life-changing decisions right. Our advisors are here to make sure any decision you take for your child is based on his/her best interests.