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About Us


JMS Education was founded in India at a time when there was a dire need for competent educational advisers and consultants in the country. We are among the most popular and esteemed international educational consultants in the country. 

Currently, our headquarter is situated in Mumbai while we run two branches in Chandigarh and Kochi. Our ethical operations and professionalism remain unmatched in the industry. 


We have collaborated with some of the best colleges and universities in the country and abroad. We never charge students for study advice. We respond to students' queries related to scholarships, tuition fees, student visas, living costs, etc. 

It is important to let the students investigate their educational options and future careers beforehand. So, we assist students and their parents in deciding what is necessary for their educational experience. JMS Educational Consultant provides them expert guidance in selecting the best courses and the best educational institutions.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

The universities that collaborated with us often visit our premises to meet and interact with the students who have applied or are interested in joining them. We are also skilled at delivering excellent results to our university partners.  As a renowned educational consultancy in India, we, at JMS Education Consultant, strive to provide the best service to colleges and universities. We have happy clients in the form of educational institutions and students who can attest to our services.